Bay Area Law School Technology Conference

"Unusual thread noticed running through many of the panels of the Bay Area Law School Technology Conference, 2005.

Seems like another kind of bubble is about to pop. Ironically, as the online ad revenues, overdue for 5 years, have trended in for the ''s of the prior bubble burst.

Those taking advantage of promoting extremes in thought, politics and law are having a tougher time of it. Seems that the well is running dry to afford this peculiar luxury.

For example, in the track on eDemocracy, Mike Krempasky, conservative activist/businessman behind whose focus with blogs is as a matchmaking service for political contributions. Mike - "You'd be surprised by how a distant contributor gets taken by finding a like minded candidate/issue they can tightly identify with elsewhere". Apparently, dollar competition for mass movements isn't where the action is, but for the millions of one-on-one cases. You see effects like these when a market dries up.

Credit the effects of The Case of the Vanishing Dollar. Turns out someone was preceint."

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