Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, ...

"Lately lot of interest in legal stuff. Tandem sent me back to Berkeley for legal and business, so I could properly do M&A work - here's a paper I did (see "Jurisdiction and the Information Superhighway").

While anyone who knows me knows I've done a lot of different things and enjoyed them all, it can be hard to communicate this at a time when people don't do a lot of different things. They get wierd if you haven't been doing one thing for 20+ years.

It's as if you're not serious about a profession, or worse, not serious about them when what you've done is in their field.

But no matter, being an entrepreneur these days seems to take everything to pull-off.

(if you wondered how well the paper did, sneak a peek here)."

back | William Jolitz 04/21/2012