28 April

Serving the market and solving the marketers' dilemma

Review of Ari Rosenberg's article on "How Do You Sell Advertising"

The big story in media these days is the transition of ads from print to web. But so little is made off the web and so much is lost by the print - why?

Seems simple - it's not in practice. Here's why

The web is too flexible a tool, too low cost, too powerful. Unless used razor-cut, market doesn't develop.

Case in point is web video, which is happening now as a growth media that can't be ignored. Everybody is doing it - everybody is doing it wrong. So there's lots of action, but little back for it - the answer is it doesn't serve a market because it doesn't solve a problem.

Reminds me of artificial intelligence companies a decade ago, which were the hot thing. Always in search of a problem to solve - they didn't.

Video content on the web isn't like broadcast - the demographic, like in Google AdWords, is narrowed to one, not a to a million. But then how does the marketer use this with the million to be reached?

In other words, the marketer's dilemma.
They are one in the same.

You market to people one by one - content that specifically solves a problem, coupled with a relationship to the marketer who values and monetizes the relationship, all this at once. Then you let technology multiply this to millions, and invite search / PR / word of mouth to bring it within reach.

Read Ari's article here. And think "smallest" to grow "biggest".

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