19 April

Entertaiment Tonite - A Killer Rants, Hoping to Hurt More Beyond the Grave

Amish had it right - shutdown public access and privately grieve

Now MSNBC is airing that porn video glorifying the killer of all those kids and teachers at Virginia Tech, and the entertainment columnists are reviewing it.

When this horror hit the Amish, they handled it wisely. Shut down the media, and gathered to grieve privately. Why? Read more ...

As a boy I lived in Pennsylvania, and from my small contact with the Amish, admired them as a people. Felt horrible at what happened at the schoolhouse, even worse as the media ghouls and political opportunists used them, and finally proud at the way they faced the adversity.

The Amish had the right idea - keep your grief private. When that man killed all those little girls, they didn't let themselves be turned into entertainment for the masses.

They didn't talk to the media - they had an outside spokesman handle it. They kept their funerals and information on the families private. The government prohibited any interruption during the funerals (no helicopters hovering overhead taking telephoto shots of sad mothers and fathers). They reached out to the murderer's family and understood that his wife and children were not to blame.

In fact, they understood that no one was to blame for the acts of another. They put themselves in God's hands.

Contrast this with the VT killings. Media coverage everywhere. Killer manifesto videos on all stations. Digital cameras held by students who voyeuristically record the shots that kill their fellow students. Blogs exposing each and every feeling. The killer's family fleeing their house in fear they will be lynched. Blame all around.

Even the president of the United States had to use it for political advantage - by kissing the gun lobby up one side and down the other. He certainly didn't ask the survivors if they thought it appropriate beforehand. The bodies were hardly cold at the time.

It would seem that the harm is settling in on the victimized campus and families, as they now seem to be shunning the press and turning off the slavering media fest, no longer wishing to be party to the most shameless pandering of hate and decadence in decades.

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