09 June

Outsource your highest risk, hardest to place position ...

A Modest Proposal found in the New York Times

Lawrence Orlowski and Florian Lengyel take outsourcing to the next step, where Fortune 500 board of directors should consider for greater shareholder value.

Why didn't I think of that? What better way to get the most tactical, best subject matter expert, with the best relationships, with the largest pool of candidates and the most cost effective - read more

In an Op-Ed today in the NYT ("The Corner Office in Bangalore"), the writers present the case sure to tingle nerves on the boards and exec suites of all companies.

Outsource the CEO

This modest proposal has a certain desire, especially considering the revolving doors through which top execs are rapidly shooting these days. For finding new cost reduction strategies to keep alive the gains of the prior 4-5 years is getting pretty tough, and we all know that inevitably more extensive use of globalization is the only way we can keep competitive. So why not apply it to the top of the organization as well as others?

Before you write it off, consider the qualifications of this vast pool, and the fact that these are the ones with the best business knowledge of Indian and China, can cut the most ruthless of deals, have no limits on going too far, have no trouble at all in signing off on corporate financials, and have excellent survival instincts. See? I did get your interest!

Consider the value of having so many in supply! Even if you run into an SEC investigation, the ability to "flip" to a new one to keep up the momentum on business progress cannot be underestimated. And the elusiveness of this group of executives is also highly underrated - they can lead auditors on a merry chase through dozens of countries legal systems, eventually blurring any gray zone situation back into acceptable legal risks.

Satisfied? Good. I'd glad we've gotten your signature for that. Now, I'd like all of your resignations. You see, the next step is for this company to be represented on its board by new members chosen from all of the world. Then we'll have the most efficient board globalization can provide.

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