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William Jolitz has made many wry observations as events happen. Here's some of his past observations:

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Video Programs

Nightmare on IPO Street
Duration - 6 minutes, 17 seconds. Views - 7549
William updates the PDI/Dreamworks Animation IPO story a year down the line. And illustrates the multibillion switchover in video/web trends hitting advertising & media across print, DVD, broadcast and Internet.
IPO Fatigue? Watch PDI!
Duration - 7 minutes, 48 seconds. Views - 7551
Forget Google. One to watch is PDI - did Shrek. Follow the money story from start to pay off, the excitement, the risk, and how consumer electronics, Sony's "iPOD killer" and 3G fit in here. [See also Lynne's Take on Tech - IPO Fatigue? Watch PDI! - CEO William Jolitz talks about Dreamworks and Shrek in IPO-Land ]
Open Software Development in the Real World
Duration - 97 minutes, 45 seconds. Views - 7550
We hear a great deal about challenges to violations of Intellectual Property Rights. How are open-source developers, interested in bringing new functionality to the software world, able to complete their projects without falling victim to attacks regarding intellectual property challenges? William Jolitz's experience bringing 386BSD, the foundation of all UNIX like operating systems, to the software community without Intellectual Property challenges gives him special insight into the necessary steps to take.
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